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Bookmark these perfume blogs now

HOUSE OF LUX HQ | 28 September 2016

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Meet five fragrance lovers who live and breathe perfume, and write all about it. From in-depth reviews to quirky and humorous musings on all things fragrance, these bloggers are on our must-read list.

Bois de Jasmin

For well-researched articles and reviews on the latest perfumes, updates on fragrance trends and even recipes inspired by gourmand ingredients, this is the blog to go to. Multi-talented owner Victoria Frolova is not only a contributor to The New York Times and the Financial Times, she is also a trained perfume specialist, hence her in-depth pieces on this blog. Her review of Serge Lutens’ La Fille de Berlin is a great showcase of her love for unique scents.

The Candy Perfume Boy

The owner of this blog, Thomas Dunckley, is a two-time winner of the prestigious Jasmine Awards for perfume journalists, so you can be assured he knows his soliflores from his chypres. His descriptive reviews of the latest perfume releases – written in an easy-to-read conversational tone – are so vivid that they are almost as good as sniffing out the fragrances for yourself. Check out his Super Scent series, where he discusses his favourite scents from fragrance houses with an extensive perfume library, including Chanel and Dior.

Katie Puckrick Smells

If you like writing that is spiced up with liberal doses of humour and sass, then this is the perfume blog for you. Journalist Katie Puckrick offers tongue-in-cheek yet spot-on recommendations to her many followers who write in asking for recommendations ranging from the perfect beach fragrance to offbeat requests like scents for a dentist.

The Scented Salamander

Travel bugs will love this blog. Owner Chantal-Helene Wagner, who used to be an anthropology fellow at Harvard University, chronicles her perfume journeys around the world. She has a knack for connecting various perfumes to specific destinations around the world, making it a dream site for wanderlusting fragrance-philes. Bonus: the densely packed site is well organised into multiple categories, which makes it easy to browse.


Bookmark this blog if your interests veer towards hard-to-find and small-batch perfumes. Founder Lucy Raubertas has been sniffing out ultra-niche and handmade fragrances since 2006, resulting in a comprehensive catalogue of some very obscure scents. Check out her loving ode to indie perfumer Neil Morris, where she vividly describes her personal impressions of some of her favourite scents.

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