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Jeremy Scott: Owning the scent of success

HOUSE OF LUX HQ | 16 September 2016

Image: Moschino

Known for defying all kinds of norms in fashion, Jeremy Scott takes his signature style into the world of fragrances — and owns it.

What do you get when you cross pop fashion with perfume? A collection of scents by designer Jeremy Scott, that’s what. From teddy bears to wings, the designer’s foray into perfumes is inspired by his previous quirky designs and it’s definitely getting him a lot of attention. Here’s why we’re loving it.

Image: Moschino

Born in 1975 in Kansas City, Missouri, Jeremy Scott knew from an early age that fashion was his forte. Having graduated from the Pratt Institute for fashion design in Brooklyn, New York, some might say he fell on his feet, as he was soon working with the irreverent Björk and showing in Paris Fashion Week. While some labelled his outlandish designs as unwearable, Vogue came to his rescue by calling his Spring 2000 Ready-to-Wear collection "a witty reply to all his detractors.” His future seemed glittery and bright – just like his style.

As Moschino's Creative Director, Scott’s first Moschino Collection in 2014 embraced the brand’s idea of being fun and irreverent and spawned the hit fragrance Toy, a unisex scent that was presented in a bottle shaped as a teddy bear. Moschino Toy wearers would have to take the head off the bear to get to the perfume – yes, dramatic indeed.

Image: Moschino

Scott’s style and perfumes are the epitome of a fun and carefree lifestyle, and would make the perfect addition to the bedroom dresser of a LUX fan – a lady who, just like Scott, is not afraid to stand out in a crowd. Much like the LUX Love Forever body wash, you could follow those floral notes with a squirt of Scott’s newest fragrance, Adidas Originals.

His passion for the crazy doesn’t stop at scents and items of clothing. It mixes both.

Image: Adidas

Jeremy Scott for Adidas Originals is the designer’s first fragrant collaboration with the behemoth sportswear brand. True to his wacky roots, he makes a statement from the get-go with its shoebox-style packaging. Inside, the bottle is shaped like his unique winged high-tops, creating a product that sports fans as well as perfume aficionados will be glad to have in their collections.

Jeremy Scott and Adidas combined forces with talented perfumers Philippe Roques and Maurice Roucel for the creation, which opens on the nose with a burst of grapefruit, before serving up an intriguing and decidedly unisex mix of rose, incense, white pepper and cashmere wood notes.

When it comes to defining pop fashion, Scott’s love of blending reality with outlandish dreams and bottling them all up with edgy zest is fast changing the game for many perfume wearers. Let’s hope he has many more designs for clothes and scents up his imaginative sleeves.

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