5 scented aids to help you sleep better



5 scented aids to help you sleep better

CI EN XU | 13 November 2015

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If you’ve been having trouble falling asleep and no amount of sheep counting will drift you into slumber, try a scented sleep aid. Certain fragrances have a powerful relaxing effect, calming your mind and body into a peaceful state.

There are a number of fragrances you can choose from in your quest for good sleep. The most popular is lavender and you won’t find a shortage of sleep aids scented with the purple bloom. The perfume of this lovely flower is scientifically proven to ease anxiety and insomnia, and even helps you to feel more alert in the morning.

Chamomile is more often found in a warm brew of tea, and a cup before bed is a popular sleep remedy. The delicate flower is also sold in the form of essential oil or dried and packaged into scent sachets that you can stick into your pillowcase. Other scents you can try include rose, ylang ylang, sandalwood, bergamot and jasmine, all of which promote restfulness.

Sleep aids come in a variety of forms, so pick and choose ones that work best for you. Here are some products that will send you off to dreamland in no time.

Pillow talk

Spritz a calming blend of essential oils on your pillow, so you can rest your head in a cloud of soothing scent. Neom Tranquility room spray and pillow mist combines 12 pure essential oils including English lavender, jasmine and basil, to boost your relaxation levels.

Neom Tranquility room spray and pillow mist, USD28

Shady business

If you are don’t have the luxury of blackout blinds or are particularly sensitive to light, an eye mask is a bedtime essential. This Dream Essentials mask does double duty by having a pocket in front where you can insert a Lavender and Chamomile mix herb sachet to help you fall asleep.

Dream Essentials Dream Essence Sleep Mask, USD29.95

Diffuse the tension

Many people rely on conventional essential oil burners for aromatherapy, but you should never risk burning a candle while you sleep for safety reasons. Try an electric-powered diffuser instead. The sleek Dew model from Zaq releases aromas by gently warming a water and essential oil mixture.

Zaq Dew Diffuser, USD49.99

Slather on the scent

If moisturizing your skin is already a nightly ritual, why not pick a lotion that also puts you in the mood for bed? Jurlique’s Rose Body Care lotion hydrates your skin with the pure scent of rose, so you feel enveloped in the relaxing scent all night long.

Jurlique Rose Body Care Lotion, USD39

Soak the stress away

If all else fails, a warm bath or shower with LUX Soft Touch, scented with French Rose, is an effortless way to wind down the day. An added benefit: studies have also shown that the scent of rose during sleep can significantly improve memory the next day.

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