5 ways you’re showering wrong



5 ways you’re showering wrong

MAVIS NGUI | 13 November 2015

Patizia Savarese | Getty Images

Just like eating, breathing, and walking, showering was one of those skills you thought you had down pat. Really, what’s there to screw up? Well, as it turns out, there are at least five things that everyone gets wrong.

1. You’re running the water too hot

Sure, long steamy showers feel so good and relax your muscles, but it’s also really bad for your skin. Hot water strips skin of its natural oils and scalp of essential oils, drying you out the longer your shower go. It can also exacerbate skin conditions like eczema and rosacea.

What you should be doing: Run water at a tepid or lukewarm temperature to open up pores and hair cuticles while keeping your body’s natural oils intact. Here’s how to run the perfect bath.

2. You’re using the wrong shower products

Using the right bath products at the right time of the day makes a difference. If you don’t match the bath or shower’s fragrance to your daily needs you could find that you’re struggling to get moving in the morning or relax at night.

What you should be doing: Pick the right ingredients in your body wash to match your next activity. For example choose a fresh fragrance with white lilies and mint after a work out, or a soothing one with the likes of lavender and elemi oil if you are taking a bath at the end of a long day at work. A spicy woody floral scent is ideal before a wild night out.

3. You’re not brushing your hair before hitting the shower

If you’re hopping in and getting wet without combing out your hair first, your mane can look forward to lots of pain, breakage and tangles. Fact: hair is weak when it’s wet, making it brittle and vulnerable to snapping. If you jump in and start shampooing without untangling first, you’d end up with lots of knots to finger comb out when you condition – and this is where most of the damage can be felt.

What you should be doing: Use a wide-tooth comb to gently detangle your dry hair before getting in the water. Start at the bottom, and don’t yank!

4. You’re not finishing-up with your face

Seriously, there should be a guidebook on shower sequences. If you’re making full use of your showerhead and washing your face instead of in the sink, props to you. However, if you’re washing your face before you’ve finished everything else – including shampooing and conditioning – you’re back at square one. Water runoff from product in your hair can clog open pores (which is definitely the state of your face during a shower) and cause breakouts along your hairline.

What you should be doing: Washing your face in the shower is absolutely recommended, as sebum – the main cause of acne and pimples – liquefies during your rub-a-dub-dub. What’s important is to save face-washing to the very last, after shampooing, conditioning, and your final rinsing.

5. You’re too rough with the towel

Okay, so your shower is done. Do you reach out for your towel, and start giving yourself a good ol’ vigorous rub down before you get the chills? Well bad news: getting rough with a towel only aggravates delicate skin. Besides, you should leave behind a little moisture for your body lotion to seal in.

What you should be doing: Use a soft towel to gently pat (no dragging!) dry your body. While your skin is still damp, apply body lotion or oils to lock in the moisture – this should be done within five minutes of getting out of the shower, and before you leave your bathroom.

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