9 must-haves to make your shower the best ever



9 must-haves to make your shower the best ever

MAVIS NGUI | 13 November 2015

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For many cultures around the world, a woman’s shower is a ritual to enjoy and relish rather than a rinse and dash. But whether it’s 20 minutes or 20 seconds you’ve got to spare, these useful bathroom accessories will make every shower your best yet.

The Turkish have their hamams, the Japanese adore their bathhouses, and the Finnish practically live in their saunas. There’s no denying it: no matter where you do it, cleansing your body is much more than just a quick soap and rinse. It’s a special time you carve out from your busy day to indulge, relax, and renew yourself.

However, with our hectic days, finding the time to do this every day can be challenging. But not to worry – these bathroom add-ons will take your shower experience to the next level whether it’s 20 minutes or seconds you have.

A revitalising shower may be the last thing on your mind at 7AM in the morning, but that doesn’t mean you can’t squeeze a little indulgence in. When placed on the shower floor (not directly under the water stream), these aromatic bouncy bulbs weave a cocoon of fragrance around you before melting away. Talk about a spa-like shower experience!

Amayori shower mochi, USD21

Easily installed onto your existing shower system, this patented miracle of a filter works to remove harsh minerals, synthetic chemicals and toxic metals from your tap water. It also restores and balances the pH level, delivering the purest form of spring water. The result? Softer skin and glossier hair, with less build up on your scalp.

Jonathan beauty water shower system, USD50

We all do it – whether you’re hitting the high notes with Beyoncè or rapping in time to Iggy Azalea, crooning in the shower is a given. Set your stage with this bathroom wall speaker that connects via Bluetooth to play your favourite Spotify karaoke set list.

SoundBot bathroom speaker, USD12.99

It’s a cult favourite for a reason. Marshmallow-soft and skin balancing, the Konjac face sponge will make washing with your bare palms a thing of the past. Made from Konnyaku, a potato native to Asia, it’s naturally alkaline and pH neutral. Not only does it stimulate blood flow and promote skin cell renewal, it also removes pesky blackheads and exfoliates gently. Try cleansing in the shower (when your pores are open) to enhance its benefits.

Konjac face sponge, USD13

Not washing your hair for days might be extreme, but if there’s one thing the no-poo movement has taught us, it’s that vinegar is crazy good for our strands. Acid compounds in vinegar break down the residue from product buildup in your scalp, helping you get shiny, healthy, lustrous locks. If you can’t get past the vinegar odour, fret not… this rinse smells entirely of fresh raspberries and lingers irresistibly for hours.

Yves Rocher hair rinsing vinegar, USD8.95

Get your head in the clouds, literally. On blowout days, this fancy shower cap will keep your catwalk mane dry and safe with no leaks.

Cath Kidston bath hat, USD10

Start every morning on the right note with LUX Soft Touch. Let the delicate notes of roses and white florals dance with warm musk to prep you for the day ahead. Subtle yet feminine, the soft fragrance will make you feel your most beautiful in a matter of minutes.

If you’ve been doing the brisk rubdown with a straggly towel, you’re not doing your skin any good. Pat wet skin gently with this luxuriously soft, light, and fluffy air waffle towel to prevent your skin from drying out further.

Uchino air waffle towel, from USD14

No time for a facial? Smooth this lifesaving deep-clean mask on while you’re in the shower. 60 seconds is all it takes to transform your skin from dull and tired to glowing radiance. The steam from the shower also helps to open up your pores for better results.

Philosophy purity 60-sec mask, USD25

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